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5 Reasons ladies should stop wearing Waist Trainer


Oct 21, 2022 ,
Waist Trainer
Waist Trainer
Waist Trainer

5 Reasons ladies should stop wearing Waist Trainer

Over the years, waist trainers have been a lifesaver for many ladies. It has become a tool for waist reduction for ladies and for fitness. Many of us women love waist trainers because it gives us the figure ‘8’ shape and helps to accentuate our figures.

However, wearing waist trainers comes with discomfort most times. As true as this is, a lot of us ignore the discomfort and focus on sucking that belly in to fit our size 8 gowns.

Beauty comes with pain right? But you can’t continue to cause pain to yourself by wrapping yourself with a waist trainer all day.

In this article, we will be discussing possible reasons you should stop wearing waist trainers.

1. It could cause skin irritation
Normally, wearing tight clothes against the body irritates your skin. Waist trainers could cause irritation. Having to wear it all day, especially in hot weather makes your skin prone to skin irritation. When it is ignored or untreated, it becomes painful and causes discomfort leaving scars on your skin. A lot of people wear waist trainers all through the week and end up having patches on their skin.

2. It could cause respiratory problems
Having a waist trainer wrapped around you affects the way you breathe. Wearing it for a long time obstructs your breathing because it affects your inner system. There have been instances of ladies passing out after wearing a tight waist trainer.

Waist trainer limits the amount of oxygen you breathe in and causes an obstruction.

3. It could cause digestive problems
Waist trainers are likely to obstruct your digestive system and could lead to digestive problems. This is why it is not advisable fast you put on waist trainers for a long period of time. You might be causing great harm to your internal organs.

Waist trainers squeeze your internal organs and are likely to shift them into inappropriate positions.

4. It could cause increase in acid reflux and indigestion
Waist trainers squeeze your chest and upper stomach together. This makes you experience heartburn or indigestion especially when it is worn for a long time. This will cause discomfort or pain and can destroy the oesophagus walls as a result of chronic acid reflux.

5. It could cause nerve damage
This is not only applicable to using waist trainers, but also tight clothes. Wearing tight clothes sends some nerve down your thigh which could lead to numbness. This is usually referred to as Meralgia paresthetica.

To avoid experiencing the discomfort that comes with wearing a waist trainer, try out alternative ways to slim down and burn excess fast. You can try out slimming tea or exercise instead of harming your skin with a waist trainer.

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