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MUSIC: Lilnelly Mr inax – Respect The Guy (Mi Abaga)


Badman Recordz CEO Lilnelly Mr Yinax after a series of back to back singles this year, is now back with another amazing afro rap tune titled Respect The Guy (MI Abaga) which is an explanation and accordlet to the latest studio project by MI Abaga…. Listen and Share
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Lilnelly Mr Yinax
Shout to Mr Incredible MI Abaga
Respect The Guy
Bars on Bars Tell me who’s The Guy?
MI Abag That’s The Guy
You can Testify his The Guy!
Throwback 08, wen he first came on Map
I was watching from  afar, I heard him speak Facts
I was like matter of fact this couldn’t be a black
I was streaming him for months, Later became a fan
Wen I thought he was gone
The son of Man reborned
This time he was known as MI2(The Movie)
Prolific flows and he was fly too
Few years later things went down
CC frone, Many left the Scene
M tried to sing but you couldn’t get the VIBEZ
He was alone on the Cast
J B ice were no where to be found
He came back to rap but his flows Oversea
And yah couldn’t see, yah couldn’t noticed he was still on the Sit
Even though it was hit after hit through out the last decade
Yah was in empathy and you couldn’t get the message
Now M has resurrected and his back with the Guy
Album of the year, Number one in Naija
Bigger is the Man, Let’s talk about NAS
PAC was like Jesus and NAS wrote the Bible
JC flows, No ID my mentor
Let’s make the story short
Back to The Guy, you’re the Man of year
I have been a big fan no be lie, Edon Tey
“Let’s talk about the Features, BIGGER is a Hit,
MORE LIFE, More Money, More Wins
You helped a lot of Nigaz, But they still HATE,
Young6ix must have hurt you, I really feel you Pains
And am feeling so CRAZY with Ossi Grace on the hook,
That’s a LOVE SONG,
The LIFE SOFT die,
You wanna testify make use of FRONT DOOR,
I dey INSIDE……………..
Beyond Facts

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